Ryan Leckey

Ryan Leckey is a high energy award-winning television personality who practically moves in fast forward.  He’s a master of brevity and of conveying interesting information.

Ryan books, produces, and hosts eye-catching content across various mediums.  He’s best known in Pennsylvania for creating non-traditional television and engaging the community through his morning show segment called Leckey Live.  It airs weekdays on WNEP-TV, one of America’s Highest rated ABC television stations (Nielsen Media Research, 2019). 

Ryan is also a force in the world of fundraising.  In the past nine years, he’s helped raised more than $3.2 million dollars to help kids and adults with disabilities as part of the charity campaign he chairs called “WNEP’s Ryan’s Run.”

In addition to his knack for television and charity, Ryan is also a respected social media influencer, dominating more than 80% of the social media market in Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania (Share Rocket Social Media Ratings, 2019).  He holds a combined 70K social media followers.   

Between on-air and online content, Ryan currently reaches more than a million people a week.   

When he’s not blazing trails in the digital world, Ryan’s passions include nutrition, fitness/CrossFit and running marathons. 

Ryan is also a proud pet parent of his Goldendoodle MetCon.  He lives near Scranton, Pennsylvania.  

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